What If I Get Sick On My Wedding Day?

What If I Get Sick On My Wedding Day?

Does anybody else have this cold that just seems to hang on for dear life, even after it feels like it’s supposed to be finished? We’ve both got it at the moment, and it got us thinking: What do you do if you’re sick for your wedding day?

1) Our first thought was Nurofen Cold & Flu tablets. Those things are amazing when you need to push through!

2) Then we realised prevention is probably a better idea. So getting enough sleep, washing your hands, eating healthy (and safely prepared) food during the weeks before… you know – all those things your mum tells you.

3) If your wedding is truly a celebration of who you love and what you find important, then you will still enjoy it, as will your guests. And then seeing your guests enjoy themselves will mean you enjoy yourself more, even if maybe you can’t dance for as long as you wanted to or you’re using those tissues more often than you’d intended. You still get to marry your best friend.

(By the way, more often than not your body has this amazing way of keeping the flu at bay until you’re on honeymoon. Then the immune system starts relaxing as much as you…) ;)

A lot of people also ask us what happens if we, your photographers, get sick on the wedding day. One advantage to photographing as a husband & wife team is the odds are that one of us will still be okay. And if one or both of us is really that bad that we can’t make it, we have access to a network of amazing photographers through the NZIPP, who are ready and willing to help out.

We’d love to hear if anyone has any tips or real life experience of their own, so let us know :)